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Joining the Coogee Chamber of Commerce offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your business.

As a member, you'll gain access to a vibrant network of local businesses, fostering opportunities for collaboration and growth. The Chamber provides valuable resources, including workshops, seminars, and networking events, designed to help you stay informed about industry trends and best practices. Additionally, being part of the Chamber enhances your business's credibility and visibility within the community, helping you attract new customers and build lasting relationships. Membership also includes advocacy and support from a unified voice that works to advance the interests of local businesses at various government levels. Take advantage of these benefits by joining the Coogee Chamber of Commerce, and watch your business thrive in our supportive and dynamic business environment.

Our People, Community & Members

The strength of the Coogee Chamber of Commerce lies in its diverse and dynamic membership.

Our members come from a variety of industries, ranging from retail and hospitality to technology and professional services. This diversity creates a rich environment for knowledge exchange and innovation, benefiting all members. The community spirit within the Chamber is palpable, with members frequently collaborating and supporting each other to achieve mutual success. Our dedicated members are passionate about contributing to the local community, participating in numerous initiatives and events that promote social welfare and economic development.

From organising local festivals and charity drives to supporting local schools and environmental projects, the Chamber’s members show their commitment to making Coogee a better place for everyone. By joining the Coogee Chamber of Commerce, you become part of a community that values connection, collaboration, and the collective well-being of our local area.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving and interconnected business community in Coogee, where businesses of all sizes and sectors can prosper. We envision a future where local enterprises are empowered to innovate, collaborate, and grow, driving economic stability and a high quality of life for all residents. By fostering strong relationships and promoting sustainable practices, we aim to position Coogee as a leading example of community-driven success and resilience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and advocate for the interests of Coogee's local businesses, helping them to overcome challenges and seize opportunities for growth. We strive to provide our members with the resources, networking opportunities, and knowledge they need to succeed. Through active engagement with local government, and by facilitating community partnerships, we are committed to creating a vibrant business environment that benefits not only our members but the wider Coogee community.

Our Team

Meet your Executive Committee

In attendance at most Business Coogee events are the members of your executive committee – all locals and all volunteers who give their time and talent to support business to thrive.

Mala Webber

Mala Webber

Mala is a Web Developer & Digital Marketing specialist who has spent the past 15 years helping small businesses grow their online presence. She is the founder of The Site Coach, a boutique web agency. She’s a Canadian (now Aussie) from the Caribbean and a mum of two.

Vandana Reddy

Vandana Reddy

Vice President
V runs a change and human resources business helping CEOs to solve problems with a people centred approach. She has led teams and projects in corporate and consulting roles across Australia, Asia and the UAE and has called Coogee home for the last 10 years. She’s fast and fit and cooks a mean curry.

Arlys Olson

Arlys Olson

Arlys is a bookkeeper and registered BAS agent dedicated to helping small business keep their finances on track. She hails from the United States, speaks fluent English and Xero, lives in Clovelly and likes a good savvy B.

Valent Lau

Executive Member
Valent is The Coogee Photographer specialising in people. He’s all about capturing real connections and emotions. Whether he’s at his studio or Coogee Beach, he’ll help you tell your story, revealing your true self in family portraits, business branding, and dating profiles.

Shah Pawtrey

Executive Member
Shah Patwary is the owner of The Clove on Beach Road, an Indian restaurant and Coogee institution for many years. Shah arguably makes the best Butter Chicken outside mainland India.

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