Sydney dive wreck benefits Coogee

The Gordons Bay Scuba Diving Club (GBSDC) has been working to establish a dive wreck for Coogee. 

Over twelve intentionally sunk dive wrecks in Australia bring in millions of dollars to local economies. The GBSDC believes that a dive wreck is a much better option than just selling the ship for scrap as was the case with the ex HMAS Sydney. Sunk 4km off the Coogee coastline, there will be no visibility of the wreck from the beach, preserving the natural beauty and amenity of the area.

A properly managed dive wreck has the potential for over 100 years of useful life and will provide recreational activity and economic benefits for generations to come. This will be an asset to Sydney and the one million Australians who dive and snorkel every year. Our proposal estimates local business revenue over a five year period of between $12.5m- $48m.

Furthermore, the wreck will assist biodiversity by acting as an artificial reef for fish and marine life. It’s a win for the environment and the local economy.

The proposal is based on a decommissioned Navy ship being made available by the Federal Government and the NSW Government taking up the costs of preparing the dive wreck.

See a detailed plan or

For more information, contact John Rowe, Marine Scientist, Founder, Gordons Bay Scuba Diving Club Inc. Email [email protected] or phone +61 412 099 453

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